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Hello everyone! This page is for Grand Strategy game lovers who want to play more great games in this genre. We are proud to say that The Cold War Era is the first game Alina Digital has brought to the bright light of day. And TCWE is not just a game to play once -- not at all!


TCWE is a server-based game designed to support PVP geopolitical battles. Our server allows our gamers to play in multiplayer or single player mode any time they want. Not every game company allows their fans to play strategy games on their servers 24/7/365 for free. We figure that's just part of what makes us cool. ;D We pay for our server just so you can have fun any time! But, financially, we're running up a big bill supporting this much-needed server that allows everyone to play in real-time.


The best thing you can do to help support us and our server is also simple and free -- tell your friends about TCWE and post links to it on your social networks and forums, please!


By buying TCWE help keep our server running, support AD, and support Grand Strategy games in general. If after playing TCWE a few (dozen) times you decide you like our game and you want us to add an expansion or some addons, please, support us a little bit more!


To show our appreciation, everyone who participates in the Donation Campaign will be listed in our game lobby as one of our much-appreciated supporters (you can even have your picture included alongside your name. Cool, huh?).


If you're curious about what exactly we want to include in our expansion please check out our DONATION GOAL page.


But, we haven't even told you what the best part of our Donation Campaign is... We can add new features together! Yep, you can participate in expanding the world of TCWE!


So once you buy TCWE, we encourage you to play it, visit our forum, and let us know what you want to see in the expansion. This game is not for us -- it's all for you. We're here to make a game people want to play, and we want you to have the game of your dreams, so we listen to our fans and we work to give them what they want.


There's one more aspect of the Donation Campaign we want to tell you about – when you contribute you'll receive an additional FREE copy of the game so you can play against a friend, relative, enemy or frenemy (or, it's an easy out in case you forgot to by a gift for someone, heh heh). For more information about this reward please take a look at the images below.


Have fun and THANK YOU for joining us, playing with us, and supporting us!










All supporters of TCWE will receive their own place of glory in the game lobby:





Campaign Goal



Click here to see our GOAL for this donation campaign of THE COLD WAR ERA game.





Alina Digital respects the privacy of all its customers. Alina Digital never distributes personal information to any third parties that was provided by customers for payments. Any and all payments to Alina Digital are handled through PayPal. Alina Digital and The Cold War Era's support staff never see and shall not request payment information, credit card information, or any other personal details from their customers.




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