Alina Digital "THE COLD WAR ERA" team welcoms you!



Max Sprin - producer and game designer


I've always dreamed to create a game about the Cold War. I enjoy this historical period, and I honestly admire everything that Man has achieved during those times. It was a very risky era of nuclear arm races, espionage, propaganda and struggle for shares of influence, but at the same time, it has been leading us to new & great technologies we use in common life every day! It was a timeframe during which people believed in ideology enough to sacrifice themselves for it. When we compare with the modern times, it's easy to spot radical differences. I’m sure we will never forget the victims of the Cold War and that we will always remember the heroes from both sides. Another reason I decided to create this game would be to strive to bring the complicity of grand strategy games into more of a simplistic gaming environment. I mean, I still want to keep the game as a serious geopolitical game, but in more of a neat, accessible, and user friendly format. I’ve been playing strategy games for the past 20 years and I know it takes many hours to play Grand Strategies. And sometimes, it can’t be finished because it takes wayyyy too long. I’m doing my best to implement the deepest feeling of the Cold War ambience into a simple to use and quick to play-thru presentation. I hope you will enjoy playing it, that was the point.



Sergey Bobrovskiy - programmer


I’ve programmed many games but The Cold War project is really special for me. Programmers, unlike game designers, aremostly oriented on programming codes but not on the ambience of the game it self. I’m a Moscow-born person and every place in this city reminds me of the old, great days of the glory of the Soviet Empire. This is why this is the first time in my life I was deeply immersed into the ambience of my programming while I was working on The Cold War Era. Every single code has my personal touch. The Moscow touch. I hope you will feel this touch playing this game. I am all for peace and against any violence, so I do deem it better to partake into a virtual cold war than an actual hot war.


Vitaly Dyachuk - graphic designer


I like the game, and the cold war, as it manages to capture some of the atmosphere of the USSR at the time. It’s an interesting chance to interpret the past and compare it to the present. It’s also an interesting period because of the variety of inventions and technological advances which took place. At the same time, it was an era of danger that also managed to somehow have an aura of romance to it, almost a childlike humanity. Espionage and the spy life have always intrigued me, and probably the most important era for this was during the Cold War. The game is valuable because it draws attention to an important period of history and promotes understanding through playing the game. The Cold War really has a unique culture to it that hasn’t been repeated since.






Sebastian Lorenz - space race tech tree


It was a great experience for me to participate in developing this game, and not just because it is actually the first time I did it, but also because it was the first time that I was able to participate in any kind of big project. I really want to say "Thank You Alina Digital!" now for letting me be involved into this great project! The Cold War led to the space history. Space exploration was very important from the beginning, and on. Which country won? Was it the Soviet Union that sent the first man into space, or America with the first moon-landing? Decide it on your own. But it's also a space mission that ended the rivalization between the USA and the Soviet Union, the Apollo-Soyuz Test Program where for the first time Russians and Americans were travelling in one spacecraft. So Space exploration is, and will always be very important in politics, also when we go to Mars. Even though it was not easy to create a tech tree like this it was still great fun. I tried my best and I hope that my work was not too bad ;-) Have a nice day.


Dmitry Chornyi - video editor ( free DLC mod )


This game really allowed me to plunge into the atmosphere of great accomplishments and achievements. I’m editing the videos for this game in such a way that the players will be able to feel this atmosphere as I have felt it myself while putting this game together. It’s a big challenge to create a non-stop video news stream. I have to consider a lot of details to make short videos very informative and interesting to watch. Basically, I have to put a lot of information into video without sound, so that any player of any age and gender can easily get what the video is about. I’m very fond of everything that's connected with the Space race and the Cold War. A game is pure adrenaline for me, and I’m trying to project this energy into this historical period of time called the Cold War. The Realism aspect of this MMO is always very flexible, and I thoroughly enjoy creating this flexibility. Especially in the context of such a cool game as The Cold War Era, where players have all the tools to create their own twist in History.




Madeline Masters - PR and community manager


My favorite aspects of the Cold War are the spies, mad scientists, government cover-ups, and endless conspiracy theories. The Cold War is a fascinating time because mystery and secrecy entered into real life, not just something sought after in books, films and television. I'm fascinated by true-life accounts of unexplained events -- did the Woodpecker Signal cause the Bell Island Boom in 1978? Who was responsible for the Vela Incident? What produced the Bloop, recorded in 1997 via hydrophones installed to detect Russian submarines, and why was it never heard again? The most compelling feature of The Cold War Era game to me is the ability to play as either the Americans or the Soviets. I love the idea of being able to rewrite history, as well as how fast-paced the gameplay is.




Sergey Potekhin - music, voice, sound effects


I was born in the former Soviet Union in 1972. So the Cold War passed through 20 years of my life. I have seen many films and have read many books about the great opposition between the USSR and the USA. I still remember my bright expressions from that period of spies, secret services, special equipments and so forth. I'm glad to be a part of The Cold War Era project because I can share my emotions called by all those exciting activities! I can express them by my music! Hope you will enjoy the game and my musics and sounds within!






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