Thank you very much for purchasing The Cold War Era!



Brrrr..... it’s getting chilly over here!



Your enemies wait to receive your challenge in geopolitical battle, but before you run off to demonstrate your wit and cunning, please take a minute to read the information below... THIS INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT! Reading this message will prevent your game from getting inadvertently blocked.



1 - TCWE is Alina Digital's first game and we realize there may be some unexpected errors or bugs we couldn’t find before. We ask you to please not judge the whole game based on a few errors. Our support team will be happy to provide you with clear steps on how to fix or avoid any bugs. Also, if we've received several messages about the same issue we've no doubt created and released a patch to fix the problem that you can download. Your feedback is very important to us so please, if you find any errors send us a message with screenshot (if possible). Our support team email is support (@) alinadigital (.) com.


2 - The serial key for your game will be sent to you as soon as we receive notification of your payment from PayPal. Don't worry, it won't be much longer until your game arrives! We have experienced times when it took several hours before we received notification of payment from PayPal, but this is not the norm. In the meantime, you can download and install the game while you wait for your serial key.


3 - Two download links are provided below. One link is for a .EXE file. The file is zipped to make the download simpler. Opening this file will initiate game installation and automatically create a shortcut on your desktop. The other file is a .ZIP, which contains all the game files. You can unzip this file to any folder on your PC after download. We have received some reports from users informing us that their anti-virus software blocked the .EXE file. We guarantee that the file is completely safe and virus-free, but if you prefer not to download the INSTALL.EXE you can download the .ZIP version of the game.


4 - When you receive your serial key the game must then be activated. For your convenience please provide the same first and last name you used to make your purchase when completing the game's activation. Please make sure to use the exact same spelling of your name as when you made your payment. The name used for payment will be linked to your game activation and serial key in our system. If you do not provide the same name for activation as you did for payment, your serial key might not be activated. Another reason to provide the same name is so that you can get support from our team if needed. If we cannot find your name in our system linked to your PayPal payment confirmation we might be unable to provide you with technical support.


5 - If you've purchased this game as a gift for someone else don't worry, he or she can activate the game with his or her name. Make sure to provide this person with the link on this page so he/she can download the install files. If this person ever needs support from our team we will ask for the name of the person who gave him or her the game and we can find the purchaser's (your) name in our system. Keep in mind that the game should never be activated by you or anyone else, only the person for whom the game is intended.


6 - Please keep your serial key somewhere safe and do not provide it to anyone else. If more than one player attempts to play the game with the same serial key our activation system will block it automatically. Once the serial key is blocked it cannot be restored! In other words, you will have to buy another copy of the game to continue playing if your serial key becomes blocked.






To update your game from the previous version, please, download the ZIP version of the game above and copy-paste all files to the folder of the game on your PC. Click YES when it will ask "Do you want to rewrite the old files?".



Have fun demonstrating your geopolitical power to achieve global domination! We hope you'll become as big a fan of our game as we are.



The Alina Digital Team



The Cold War Era is a registered trademark of Alina Digital